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Body Toning

Single treatment: $150.00 (one body part)
Package of five: $695.00 (one body part)
Package of ten: $1250.00 (one body part)

Microcurrent Body Toning


Featuring the Neurotris sxPro which has been proven to be the best of the best in Microcurrent equipment

This body sculpting system can be used to target specific areas including: abdominals, arms, breast, buttocks and thighs. Unlike wraps where any loss of inches is primarily the result of water loss, inch loss achieved by the Neurotris is the result of actually working and tightening the muscles. During the treatment you will feel your muscles continuously contract. The system uses a nano and micro current technology that gives your body a real workout. It is typical that in just one treatment you will receive results normally expected after more than two weeks in the gym.

Your initial appointment will include identifying which target area you would like treated and if desired, measurements and/or photos can be taken before and after treatments.

The procedure is performed with you lying down comfortably on a massage table. We are with you every step of the way as the muscle stimulation is produced up to full contraction. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is performed two to three times per week during each series.

Body treatments show best results when a series of five to ten sessions are performed for each target area. Clients have been shown to lose 3 to 10 inches throughout the body per series. Results can be permanent if you continue with a health conscious lifestyle that includes exercise and a nutritious diet.

It is important that you are well hydrated before, during and after all treatments. Because of the lymphatic drainage, increased circulation and metabolism after each session, it is important to drink additional water. Best results are achieved when you consistently drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


  • Inch Loss and body sculpting
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin firming and tightening
  • Build and tone muscles
  • Increase core strength and reduce dangerous visceral fat
  • Improved circulation and metabolism
  • Lymphatic Drainage (Detoxification)

For maximum benefit and quicker inch loss add whole body vibration for just $10 per session when buying a package.

** Treatments cannot be performed on anyone with a pacemaker, heart condition, epilepsy, cancer, is pregnant or anyone prone to bruising or bleeding easily.


After only 6 Treatments:

Facial Rejuvenation